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Updated: May 2, 2022|

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Designing a successful website is a no brainer for any manufacturing business. Generating quality leads is as much of a website requirement as a navigation menu and a product driven or manufacturing website is no different. Small product manufacturers and large corporations alike cannot escape the fact that their website has the potential to be one of their top sales tools. 

Like most of the manufacturing executives that we talk to, you are probably laser focused on growing your business and finding new ways to improve your bottom line. With product margins getting thinner and the supply chain getting longer, the time to grow your manufacturing website into a lead generating machine is now. 

Turning your stagnant website into a lead generating website is important for a number of reasons. 

  1. Your website is working while you are not. Talk about a +1!
  2. Consistent leads are key to selling more and growing your business.
  3. Qualified leads are developed through education. Your website should be the single source of truth for your business.

To help grow your website, here are five must-have elements that you should include on your home page and every key landing page you use in your marketing and advertising.

A lead generating website has a crystal clear offer. 

Any visitor that comes to your website should not have to fiddle around to find out what you offer. Lead generating website design puts a priority on your primary offer, showcasing up-front why someone should continue to stay on your website. Manufacturing website design is no different. The same principles apply. Use clear messaging to present your offer in a way that solves the problem your visitor came to your website with. Be sure to sell the benefits of your products and not features.

Closely follow your offer with a clear Call To Action (CTA) and your visitors will soon be in your sales pipeline. 

Trust online is built through consistency and proper website design.

Data shows that visitors will leave a website if they don’t think you are a trustworthy business. Now, there are a lot of factors that can also play a role here, but it goes without saying that trust factors should be one of the main points of focus on your website. Customer quotes, product guarantees, and data privacy are just a few ways that you can build trust with your audience. 

A professional website design will take into account building trust and offer relevant trust factors where appropriate. Building trust is about being consistent in all aspects of your business, including your manufacturing website design.

Does your website design make it easy to contact you?

Plain and simple, if your contact information is not easily accessible then you are losing leads on your website. Click to call buttons, chat popups, and contact pages should be a huge priority when considering your manufacturing website design. 

If you are a local business, the ability to contact you is crucial to your success. Each way of contacting your business can be a critical touch point and each one will matter for mobile ‘near me’ google searches and general search results. 

  1. On mobile, your click to call links should be prominently displayed. 
  2. Your chat popups should be helpful and not just a fancy feature that is frustration to use.
  3. A contact page should have ALL of your contact information, including a map, additional location information, and testimonials about your communication and customer satisfaction.

Easy navigation is a website design must have.

Headline: Mobile devices are here to stay. Not much of a shocker anymore, but you would be surprised at how many websites are not mobile friendly. You might be even more surprised at how many desktop websites are difficult to navigate or use poor structure that end up making it very frustrating to find anything.

Navigation mistakes:

  • Unique navigation is cool, but often gets your visitors hot under the collar.
  • Get clear on your navigation (we just discussed this above)
  • Use proper structure and limit the amount of clicks to get to your most important information

Mobile statistics: 

  • 51.5% of website traffic is done on a mobile device.
  • Mobile devices account for 60% of all organic traffic.
  • 53% of online shopping traffic comes from mobile phones.

Concise messaging is ideal for website design and online reading.

Writing in a concise way doesn’t mean that you short change your messaging. Concise writing means that you write in short bursts. Everyone processes information better if it is presented in a clear and concise way. Use short paragraphs, bullet points, or highlight words and phrases to let visitors know what is important and where to look.

One way that you can improve readability is to design your content blocks so that there are 45-80 characters per line. 60 characters is the best length for reading online. When you pair a nice, legible font with an ideal font size, say 21pt on desktop, you create a great reading experience.
If you are ready to create an always-on lead generating tool for your business, fill out our contact form. We can take your current website design into a lead generating website design that encourages your visitors to commit and take action using these Five Must Have Elements That Every Lead Generating Website Has In Common.

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