How to Improve Your Sales: Tools and Strategies for Product Manufacturers to Start Using Today

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Updated: April 9, 2022|

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Sales might be your business’s main revenue source, but they play a greater role than increasing your income. For starters, higher sales promote brand loyalty by presenting you as a reputable company.

Sales also foster relationships with your staff. Employees are happier and more productive when they make sales. Even so, sales aren’t always guaranteed. You have to compete with other sellers to position your product as the best in the market.

You also deal with uncontrollable market forces. Not to worry, however, you can build a high-performing business with creative marketing strategies and some extra effort.

Here’s how to Improve Product Sales as a Manufacturer:

Create A Buyer Profile

Buyer profiles minimize the hassle of chasing unproductive leads by revealing purchase motivations and customer personality traits. This way, marketers use the right promotional tools and incorporate client needs in product development.

Note that buyer personas aren’t fixed. Profiles can change according to company targets and market forces.

Several processes go into creating a buyer persona. First off, choose the product you want to promote. Secondly, list the customers who use your commodity and identify their patterns, tendencies, and preferences.

You can analyze their interests, lifestyles, and pain points to understand why they love your products and how to craft a message that connects with them.

Similarly, you can segment prospects according to their locations for better marketing and logistics management. You could also talk to customers directly through interviews.

In addition to getting first-hand responses, interviews allow you to observe the respondent’s facial expressions and body language to understand the message better.

Feel free to schedule a voice or video call when you cannot meet respondents face to face.

Adopt Sales Tools

You may be motivated and talented, but you could use marketing tools to increase sales and make work easier. Sales tools can take different forms. The most common are customer relationship management tools that allow you to monitor your relationship, communication, and interactions with clients using (CRM) technologies.

According to a recent study, global CRM technology values will hit $128.97 billion in 2028, up from $52.64 billion in 2020.

Besides automating communication, CRM tools boost marketing efforts by enhancing client retention and relationships. CRM software has grown to support services like real-time updates, advanced reporting, and automated workflows.

You could also use lead generation marketing tools to increase sales. These technologies accelerate sales processing by providing contextual data such as customer purchase history, online footprints, and business objectives.

Not forgetting integration tools that merge information from various sources into one system. You’ll also love marketing software that automates email and social media marketing.

Additionally, you can utilize conferencing technologies to ease communication with prospects and sales teams regardless of physical distance.

Improve Your Pitch

A pitch is the client’s first encounter with your product. Besides generating interest in your services, the perfect pitch educates prospects while inspiring and entertaining them allowing to you forge a connection with buyers to increase trust in your brand.

There are several sales strategies for small businesses to pitch effectively.

Start by doing your homework. You can grab your audience’s attention by identifying their problems and presenting a solution. Similarly, think of your customers’ possible questions and their answers.

You can even practice the pitch with colleagues ahead of time to improve your delivery. The presentation should also be engaging.

Instead of speaking throughout the session, welcome questions from the audience to prevent boredom, offer clarity, and demonstrate your knowledge of the product. Be sure to mention past wins (in a humble way) to prove your abilities and paint a picture of your business’s future.

You might lose your audience’s interest when you’re long-winded or overly boastful, so keep your pitch short, to the point, and respectful. It will be tempting to focus on your products features, instead, spend a majority of your time discussing your products’s benefits and how your customers lives will.

Storytelling in Marketing

Humans love stories. According to HubSpot, telling relatable stories will create a natural attraction to your product and brand. Storytelling draws your audience’s attention, builds trust, and inspires them to take action. Adding a strong narrative will also add depth to your pitch to make your brand more relatable and memorable. You can keep audiences interested by narrating real-life situations instead of stating industry figures or data.

Another approach would be to make your prospects the center of the story. Or shift the spotlight to your customers by inviting them to tell their stories. You can feature customer success stories on your website to encourage prospects facing similar problems.

Telling attention grabbing stories will naturally allow you to pitch your product to more qualified leads. Leveraging your story telling ability not can help you land a sale but it will also leave a memorable buying experience.

Provide Unbelievable Value

Creating value entails matching cost with product and service quality. Customers won’t buy from you if they feel ignored or don’t get their money’s worth. You can appreciate your clients in several ways.

For starters, differentiate your products from competitors by adding extra features. You could also improve the purchase experience by personalizing customer interactions. In addition to using their names, ensuring their buying experience is stellar, and when it isn’t, offering discounts or other freebies as a good-faith gesture.

You can also involve clients in decision-making by seeking their advice before launching a new product. Another strategy is inviting clients to exclusive membership programs. Member-only offers and early-bird coupons make clients feel special and encourage them to buy more.

This goes hand in hand with educating your audience. Instead of abandoning customers after closing a sale, you can create webinars and tutorials demonstrating how your products work.

You could also give back to the community by sponsoring charitable causes, organizing competitions, and setting up booths at events to meet customers.

Advertise On Different Platforms

Multi-platform marketing increases brand visibility and exposes your products to different markets. Prospects also trust your brand when different audiences vouch for it. The first channel to try is social media.

By allowing profile customization and real-time interactions, social media humanizes your business to make you more approachable.

What’s more, you have a variety of sites to choose from depending on the audience and marketing techniques.

For example, Facebook supports multiple content formats, from text and stories to videos and images. Although Facebook allows you to message other people, the platform prioritizes interactions among friends and family.

Additionally, you can sign up to YouTube to create video content for your brand. If you prefer visuals, you can tell your company’s story on Instagram using videos, reels, and photos.

Not mentioning written content. You can reach audiences through blogs, whitepapers, infographics, and case studies. Remember to incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your copy to propel your Google search rankings.

Another option is email marketing. This channel achieves different marketing goals, including:

  • Informing readers
  • Attracting and engaging users
  • Conversions
  • Nurturing lifetime customers

You could personalize your email by using the recipient’s name and segmenting clients according to engagement levels. Again, you can use email marketing to generate site traffic.

Even so, don’t limit yourself to online marketing. You can attend trade shows, print banners, and invite consumers to tour your facility or provide behind the scenes videos.

This goes together with word-of-mouth advertisement. You could seek referrals from satisfied clients or ask employees to promote the business.

Invest In Yourself and Your People

Self-development may not pay off immediately, but it improves your business management and client conversion skills in the long term. Entrepreneurs can invest in themselves in several ways. The first one is training.

You can take communication, accounting, marketing, and procurement classes if you’re not a natural salesperson. Besides knowledge acquisition, a business course is an opportunity to network with future customers, business partners, and mentors.

Remember, training doesn’t have to relate to the business directly. For example, art classes offer a creative release for work stress can also help improve concentration and decision-making. You can also read books to gain inspiration, acquire new skills, and improve old ones.

Another way to build your mind as a salesperson is meditation. Mindfulness enhances physical health to boost work productivity. It also improves critical thinking to better your ideas and leave a lasting impression on prospects.

Moreover, meditation provides a better understanding of customers by making you more attentive to their needs.

Use Marketing to Increase Average Transactions

After closing the first sale, the next step is convincing customers to buy more. For example, you can recommend checkout add-ons to go with the purchase. You could also display related products near each other to increase the chances of selling these products together. For ecommerce stores, you can display complimentary items on the same page.

Improve product sales is through discounts, discounts, or limited-time sales. At the same time, persuade buyers to spend more time in the shop by providing an enjoyable experience.

Closing Thoughts to Improve Your Sales

Whether you’re running your startup or are marketing another company’s products, implementing these tips makes you a better salesperson.

What’s more, create a prospecting strategy that works for you. Depending on your business, some sales techniques will deliver better results than others.

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